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Comment / Ethiopian Airlines have been operating sporadic cargo services through Stansted for some time now. Having almost given up on it arriving, I was pleased to finally catch one of their Boeing 757s for the first time in the milky evening light. ET-ALZ is a former TWA, American and Santa Barbara Airlines machine, built in 1999 and joining Ethiopian in 2005.

Comment / easyJet have leased Titan's G-ZAPX for the summer months while it struggles to crew its own aircraft. It is currently based at Titan's home base, Stansted, operating to Palma, Malaga and Naples.

Comment / G-OOBE arrives back at base just seconds after sunset having operated a 'W' pattern between Newcastle, Palma and Durham Tees Valley.

Comment / Thomson seem in no rush to repaint the former fleet of First Choice Airways. Newcastle has seen two First Choice aircraft based at the airport for the past fortnight; G-CPEV and G-OOBE seen here.

Comment / G-OOBE is a young Boeing 757, first flying on 28th March 2003 and delivered to Air 2000 two months later. Only 21 further frames followed her off the line in Seattle before production of the Boeing 757 ceased in 2004.

Comment / Photographed lining up on runway 25 as the Thomson 9LC to Palma.

Comment / Named John Lennon, G-BYAP was the 600th Boeing 757 built and delivered to Britannia Airways in February 1994. It is seen here departing Newcastle as the TOM1332 to Ibiza.

Comment / G-JMCG is one of three Thomas Cook Boeing 757s currently based at Newcastle. As her registration gives away, G-JMCG once served with JMC Air, though was originally delivered to LTU Sud as D-AMUQ in April 1995. She is seen here climbing away from Newcastle's runway 07 for Ibiza.

Comment / After operating a night rotation to Heraklion, and arriving back an Newcastle only an hour previous, G-JMCD is in the air again, this time enroute to Larnaca as the Kestrel 973K.

Comment / G-BYAY was retrofitted with Aviation Partners Boeing winglets in Kelowna, Canada only a few weeks ago, making it the first Boeing 757 with winglets in Thomson colours. It is currently based at Newcastle, at which it is seen arriving from Alicante. G-BYAX will be the next aircraft to receive winglets.

Comment / On approach for runway 07 at Newcastle, arriving from Arrecife, Lanzarote. Note the rippling of the fuselage skin just aft of the wing box, a quite normal phenomenon on high-time Boeing aircraft.

Comment / An early arrival on runway 25 from the Greek island Zakynthos.

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