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Comment / One of a few Eurowings CRJs that wear the Eurowings livery, as opposed to that of Lufthansa Regional for whom they do most of their flying.

Comment / Lufthansa Regional recently went double daily on the Newcastle to Dusseldorf route. It's operated by the CRJ-200s of Eurowings, such as D-ACRP seen here.

Comment / Arriving at Newcastle from Copenhagen, flying in this basic SAS colour scheme.

Comment / Seconds from touchdown as the sun sets behind a low bank of cloud.

Comment / Climbing sharply away from runway 24L and into the sun, en route to Dusseldorf.

Comment / The CRJs and ATRs of Lufthansa Regional are the same to Dusseldorf as Ryanair Boeing 737-800s are to Stansted, or British Airways Airbus A32Xs are to Heathrow!

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