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Comment / Arriving on runway 22 from Vilnius, Lithuania. LY-STG was previously D-AWOH and D-AHIB with Hamburg International Airlines.

Comment / TUIfly's Boeing 737s visit Newcastle three times a week from Hanover, although photos of their evening arrivals are only possible during the summer months. Rumour has it that this service will cease in October, though with Air Berlin due to take over most of TUIfly's city services during the coming winter, one hopes the route's fate might not be sealed just yet.

Comment / The first easyJet departure of the day from Newcastle jets away from runway 07 for Nice.

Comment / G-EZKE climbs away from Newcastle into the low morning sun bound for Nice.

Comment / Departing Newcastle's runway 07 for a short trip to Belfast and back.

Comment / Arriving back at Newcastle after an early trip to Belfast and back.

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