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Comment / The Boeing 737-600 - aviation's very own stubby!

Comment / G-CDRB has been manning the Flyglobespan 'base' at Stansted for some time now, operating the daily service to Tenerife. A night time rotation to Athens starts later this summer.

Comment / Now fully painted up in the Flyglobespan livery after flying around in a hybrid SAS scheme for quite some time.

Comment / Arriving at STN on the daily Flyglobespan service from Geneva. Previously SE-DNX with SAS.

Comment / G-CDRB is one of two more ex. SAS B737-600s delivered to FlyGlobespan at the end of 2005, and is based at Stansted operating to Geneva every day. A couple of days ago (26th December) 'RB got stuck in the mud at STN, but is now back in healthy service!

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