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Photo of Thomas Cook Airlines Airbus A320-232 G-SMTJ Photo of KTHY Cyprus Turkish Airlines (lsdf Turkuaz Airlines) Airbus A320-232 TC-TCC Photo of Ethiopian Airlines Airbus A320-232 ET-ALZ Photo of British European Airways Airbus A320-232 G-AWZK Photo of Qantas (John Travolta) Airbus A320-232 N707JT

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Comment / Photographed the night KTHY Cyprus Turkish Airlines suspended operations, TC-TCC arrives at Stansted from Turkey. At the time of writing the future of KTHY is uncertain - after many, many years, could this have been the last ever KTHY flight into Stansted?

Comment / After stopping at Newcastle overnight, G-EUUO heads south back to London Heathrow.

Comment / British Airways' first Shuttle flight of the day from Heathrow arrives against an inky blue sky with the rising sun obscured by a low bank of cloud in the horizon.

Comment / The first British Airways Shuttle of the day arrives at Newcastle from Heathrow during a stunning sunrise. Along with the likes of Manchester, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow, Newcastle is one of the few remaining airports in the UK out of London where you can see a BA tail!

Comment / G-EUUZ is British Airways' latest Airbus A320, delivered just 6 days earlier on 21st October.

Comment / Although now back in Air Malta colours, this A320 was leased out to Etihad over the winter period. Note the Monarch A300 departing to the south in the background.

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