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Comment / N583FE is one of several ex. American Airlines MD-11s converted into freighters for FedEx. She was originally ordered by British Caledonian, only to be cancelled by BA following the take over.

Comment / This was my last photo of the 'old' Varig, and like so many others of her kind, this MD-11 is now in her second career. Today she ferries parcels rather than passengers, plying her trade as N289UP with UPS. Originally, she was delivered to the late Swissair, as HB-IWK on 3rd February 1992.

Comment / N575FE is one of the latest additions to the FedEx fleet. Her conversion to a freighter was completed early last year, and for a while flew in this hybrid scheme. She is previously PK-GIH and EI-CDJ with Garuda Indonesia, and finished her passenger career as PP-VPO with Varig.

Comment / Timing her arrival perfectly with a break in the clouds, HZ-ANC floats towards runway 23.

Comment / A Stansted arrival that you can only catch during the middle of summer - FedEx 5 from Paris.

Comment / FedEx 2 was running late yesterday, with the arrival of N604FE coinciding nicely with sunset. N604FE is an 'original' FedEx MD-11F, delivered to the carrier some 15 years ago on May 22nd 1992.

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