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Comment / On short finals for runway 05L early on in the morning, inbound from Singapore.

Comment / Despite this miserable weather, American Triple Seven N753AN shows off some fantastic reflections of the runway beneath her as she soars away from runway 27L, bound for New York JFK.

Comment / Looking around on the web, it appears this United 777 has been wearing a miss-matching nose cone since at least 1999! The rest of her paintwork is certainly dulling out, but mind you, this vintage Triple Seven - a member of the original 777 test program - has been around a while; she first flew as only the third of the type to take to the air, on 2nd August 1994. Seen here departing to Washington Dulles.

Comment / It always good to see the Saudi Triple Sevens at Stansted. This aircraft, HZ-AKB, arrived just minutes behind a Saudi Cargo MD-11.

Comment / Pakistan International Airways took delivery of two Boeing 777-200LRs last year, giving the carrier some 8865nm (16417km) of range to play with! Here, a low shutter speed during a cloudy spell nicely captures the touchdown of the older of the two aircraft, AP-BGY. PIA operates a sizeable fleet of eight Boeing 777s, with four series -200ERs and two series -300ERs also currently on strength.

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