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Comment / With stickers on the nose promoting Germany's Ruhr region.

Comment / Diverting into Stansted from Gatwick, where a short whlie before Thomson's Boeing 757 G-BYAP suffered a bird strike and engine flame out.

Comment / G-EZBR was the 100th Airbus aircraft to be delivered to easyJet, back in April 2007, and wears a special livery as such.

Comment / Airbus A319 G-EZFH positioned up from Gatwick on 21st May to become the sixth aircraft for easyJet based at Newcastle this summer. Incidentally, sister-ship G-EZFF, which has been Newcastle-based since delivery in March, is down at Luton at the moment receiving attention from engineers after suffering a lightening strike.

Comment / Departing Newcastle's runway 07 for the morning flight down to London Stansted. From Stansted she will fly on to Malaga, from which she will then return to Newcastle mid-afternoon.

Comment / Note the white trail streaming from the auxiliary power unit, perhaps indicating that the APU has been left on for the flight ahead. Although an APU is typically shut down prior to take-off, it can be used in-flight as a back-up source of electrical power should an engine driven generator be unserviceable.

Comment / G-EZAE leaves the North East for a journey to Bristol, Alicante and back to Newcastle.

Comment / Having operated the early morning flight up to Newcastle from London Stansted, G-EZDI's next destination is Malaga. From there, she will then return to Stansted.

Comment / G-EZFF was delivered to London Stansted on 20th March, entered service the same day on a trip to Newcastle and has been based in the north east ever since. Although only delivered three weeks ago, she has already been superseded by new machines 'FG and 'FH.

Comment / Delivered on 10th April 2005, G-EZID was the 100th aircraft to be delivered to easyJet and received a special sticker on its nose as such.

Comment / Arriving into Newcastle as the EZY8006, which probably indicates she was positioning in on an unscheduled flight - perhaps easyJet are still having to fill gaps in the schedule following this week's snow disruption in the UK?

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